Wednesday Touch-up: Morning Manicure

Midway through the week, my polish is rarely what it once was, mostly because I rarely take steps to save my manicure when it means avoiding some fun, if rough, activity.  I work in a lab and I cook all my own food, so life takes its toll.  This week, instead of just removing chipped polish midweek, I decided to give myself a 20-minute manicure:

1.) File and shape dry nails.

2.) Remove polish.

3.) Soak in warm water with a drop of soap for a couple minutes.

4.) Apply a rich cream to nails and cuticles.

5.) Push back cuticles with a cotton-wrapped stick, and clean under nails.

6.) Rub in excess cream.

7.) Dunk back in the water and wipe off excess cream.

8.) Apply a coat of clear nail polish.

There you go.  Eight simple steps to fabulous everyday nails.  Because you never know what life might throw at you, and if you have to fix a laser, you may as well do so with amazing-looking hands.


About Kyniska

In ancient Sparta, women were encouraged to train their bodies and minds as warriors did, in preparation for an adult life of strength and intellect. They strove to win a husband through strength as well as beauty. I try to live my life by this philosophy, that athletic ability and accented beauty can co-exist, yielding a richer whole. View all posts by Kyniska

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