Eating Clean

Salad with radish, carrot, avocado, and ginger-sesame vinaigrette

There is so much debate about what “clean” eating really is, but I think we can agree on one thing: If you want to look and feel your best, you have to pay attention to what you eat. Personally, I prefer to focus on fresh, local vegetables, ethically-sourced proteins, like pastured eggs, meat, poultry, and sustainable seafood, and my favorite fats.

My number one favorite fat is ghee from pastured cows. That’s clarified butter that’s cooked a little extra to give it a nutty, caramel-y flavor that is awesome. It’s bright yellow from all the nutrients in it, and it’s filled with high-quality fatty acids because the cows are fed their natural diet of what they can find on a pasture.

This week, I’m detoxing from the conference I had the week before. I ate donuts every morning with our coffee break, and went out for beer and burgers most nights. We even had fried chicken and waffles

one day. Delicious, but I could see the effects on my body. Not only had I gained a couple pounds, but I looked softer, a little puffy. My body was not happy with me.

So this week’s “detox” is an avoidance of particularly inflammatory foods and embracing reasonable portions of good-quality foods, focusing on healing smoothies, fresh veggies, protein from lean chicken, and fresh salmon and tuna, and fat from ghee, avocado, coconut, and olive oil.

It’s actually very loosely based on Gwyneth Paltrow’s detox program that she posted on her website Goop, albeit more substantial. I have green tea in the mornings, a smoothie in the mid-morning, raw sauerkraut at noon, a substantial meal of veggies, protein, and a carb source around 1 or 2, a snack of fruit and macadamia nuts, and a light dinner, usually soup or a salad. Since I’m avoiding dairy and eggs just for this week (other than ghee, which has the dairy proteins removed, and my whey protein), dinner is almost completely vegan unless I cook in ghee.

Yeah, I’m eating a lot less this way than I usually do, but I find that after a period of time where I don’t watch my diet, my body becomes accustomed to getting too much food and my own natural hunger cues are out-of-whack.  This is especially true when sugar is involved.  The food is spartan (haha), but still delicious and fresh and I feel great, not deprived.

I’ll break the elimination diet after tomorrow, but I’ll still be focusing on proteins, good fat, and lots of veggies.  And I’m definitely going to add more smoothies and blended veggie soups to my meal rotation!

And, ultimately, eating clean is more about listening to your body and recognizing when it doesn’t like something.  I know my body doesn’t like a lot of nuts and feels better when I don’t eat gluten, but I’m okay with a fair amount of carbohydrate (I’m thin and active) and organic dairy.

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