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Friday Five: Five People I Love

The final installment of my Weightless-inspired Friday Five series:

1.) My husband.

2.) My mom.

3.) My beagle.

4.) My best friend.

5.) My sister.



So I’ve started posting on my first blog again. I’m hoping it will be a nice space to post random musings. It was started as a wellness/herbalism/natural food blog, but it, like everything, evolves. Check it out: Wild, Not Wise.

Also, I’ve been flirting more in earnest with calorie restriction with optimal nutrition and keeping a daily blog about it.  Posting calorie counts, relevant nutrients, and weekly averages, as well as yoga-and-CRON-related musings (for some reason these two keep connecting in my head): Spartan Yogi.

I’m thinking about keeping the Friday Five, keeping the posts about body image and exercise, keeping the reviews of beauty products, but dropping other topics, like recipes, in favor of posting them on the other blogs.  So check out Wild, Not Wise for a Sunday recipe.  And I’ll probably chronicle my yoga streak further at Spartan Yogi.  This blog was an experiment, and I think maybe I need to return to my roots (Wild, Not Wise) more than I need to branch out.

The Unexpected Perks of Fitness

For the last few days, I’ve been going without makeup. This isn’t a big deal, especially for people who’ve known me for a while, because I never used to wear makeup. And part of it is that I’m just feeling too damn lazy to put on makeup. But the other part of it is, well, I feel good.

So it didn’t really surprise me when I saw this article on Blisstree. I mean, yeah, half the time when I put on makeup, it’s to make me feel better about myself. Got a zit? All I really need is a little concealer to cover that bad boy up, but then I go and do up a smoky eye with mascara and then put on some pink gloss. Because, y’know, I want to feel pretty. And I don’t feel pretty when I have a zit.

Or when I’ve been sick. Or when I’m bloated with PMS. Or when, well, when I don’t feel pretty. It used to happen quite a lot. I went from not bothering with makeup because I didn’t feel like I was a “pretty girl” to overdoing the makeup in an attempt to put myself there.

And then, I realized, that lately, I feel awesome about myself. Like, most of the time. I’ve been exercising regularly, eating well. And I’ve maybe lost a little weight. But I don’t really look any different. I notice small differences, like the way my tummy actually lies flat in the mornings and how my eyes don’t look as puffy, but no one else would find these nuances.

The difference is in how I feel.

And that’s the thing about being fit; it’s about feeling awesome. Because when you feel awesome, you will project confidence and beauty. And then you go from feeling awesome to just being awesome.

New Shoes!

Sometimes it seems like over 50% of this blog is about my feet. In fact, some of my top incoming search terms have to do with feet and toes, about which I choose not to think too much. But, yeah, I finally got myself some Vibram Five Finger shoes!

I actually got them last week, when my husband found some unaccounted-for cash that we got to split and spend on a frivolous purchase. I realized, hey, I can finally get those weird shoes I’ve been eyeing. My huaraches, while great for walking, tend to give me blisters on the soles of my feet when I run. Plus, I never get the laces just tight enough. I’m wearing my VFFs around during the week and trying them out on a 2-3-mile run Thursday. We’ll see how it goes!

Already, I can feel that they are stretching out my little toes.  I mostly can get into them pretty easily, but my little toes have been squished against the rest of my foot for years and sometimes need extra coaxing.  But they’re actually really comfy.  It’s weird to be able to wear shoes and still wiggle my toes.  And I kept gripping the gas pedal with my toes this morning on my drive in to work because I’m not used to feeling it that much.  This should be fun.  So far, I haven’t gotten any stares/comments.  I wonder if I’ll get any different reactions because I’m a female wearing them?  Most of my friends with VFFs are men.

Sunday Recipe(s): Two Lovely Beverages

Well, there’s a heat wave going on, so I thought I’d share some of the delicious drinks I’ve made to cool off.

Quickie Iced Mocha

1 cup cold-brewed coffee
3/4-1 cup chocolate milk

To make cold-brewed coffee, combine 1 oz. of ground coffee per 16 oz. of water and leave at room temperature overnight. Strain through a coffee filter and refrigerate. When you have cold coffee, mix it with chocolate milk, to taste, than pour over ice. This made two tall glasses, since the ice takes up a lot of space. You could also use plain milk (or substitute) and your own choice of flavor and sweetener.

Green Tea Lime Spritzer

2 Tbsp. lime juice
6oz. cold green tea
seltzer water (I used orange-flavored)

Pour lime juice and seltzer over ice and stir. Top with seltzer.

Friday Five: Five Things That Make Me Happy I’m Alive

Still inspired by Mel and Weightless, here’s my ongoing Friday Five series.

1.) Really delicious, vibrant food. Like farmers market tomatoes with just a hint of salt and olive oil. Or good-quality chocolate. Or a nice steak.

2.) Sex. Yeah, I had to say it.

3.) Vampire Eric on True Blood. What can I say, I have a crush.  Though I miss his pretty hair.

4.) Moving my body. Whether I’m running, lifting, playing, or dancing, I love to move.

5.) Puppy snuggles. My dog is the snuggliest.

Yoga Streak Update

Shiva Nataraj, sculpture at the Musee Guimet, Paris, France

I’ve chosen this image of Shiva to represent my journey during my yoga streak for two reasons.  The first is simple:  I keep a small statue of the Nataraj on my meditation altar and focus my intention on it at the beginning and end of my yoga practice.  Secondly, Shiva as a deity and his dancing manifestation represents the passion and fire in yoga and meditation.  It’s not all serenity and clouds.

They say that it takes 21 days to instill a habit.  Tomorrow will be my 21st day of my yoga streak, and I can tell that I’m starting to build a routine.  Two days of the week, I have to do my practice in the evening, three days per week, I use yoga to re-center myself after a run, once a week I attend a class (right now, Bikram), and once a week in the early morning I do a full, hour-long practice, based on Ashtanga yoga fundamentals.

I’ve learned that I feel the most affinity to Ashtanga, and I hope to take a guided Ashtanga class in the next couple of weeks to build a regular home practice.  I still don’t know how this will fit with my other exercise.  But I’m working on it.  For now, I’m making sure to do some yoga every day, even if it’s 10 minutes of restorative practice to soothe my back after a day at work.