Yoga Streak, Day Two

Well, my yoga streak has lasted two days now. I woke up, went running, had a light breakfast, and then did my yoga practice after digesting. I did five rounds each of Surya A and B, plus a routine of standing poses, balancing poses, backbends, inversion, forward bends, and Shavasana. Then, I sat in meditation for a while. Did a round of my mala (108 beads) and sat to enjoy the glow of meditation.

I’d forgotten how intensely spiritual yoga practice is for me. Even the physical asanas flow together like a moving meditation, quieting my mind. I guess my body and mind need this streak equally, as I’ve been experiencing more anxiety and imbalance in my life lately. We’ll see how I feel in a month.


About Kyniska

In ancient Sparta, women were encouraged to train their bodies and minds as warriors did, in preparation for an adult life of strength and intellect. They strove to win a husband through strength as well as beauty. I try to live my life by this philosophy, that athletic ability and accented beauty can co-exist, yielding a richer whole. View all posts by Kyniska

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