Yoga Streak Update

Shiva Nataraj, sculpture at the Musee Guimet, Paris, France

I’ve chosen this image of Shiva to represent my journey during my yoga streak for two reasons.  The first is simple:  I keep a small statue of the Nataraj on my meditation altar and focus my intention on it at the beginning and end of my yoga practice.  Secondly, Shiva as a deity and his dancing manifestation represents the passion and fire in yoga and meditation.  It’s not all serenity and clouds.

They say that it takes 21 days to instill a habit.  Tomorrow will be my 21st day of my yoga streak, and I can tell that I’m starting to build a routine.  Two days of the week, I have to do my practice in the evening, three days per week, I use yoga to re-center myself after a run, once a week I attend a class (right now, Bikram), and once a week in the early morning I do a full, hour-long practice, based on Ashtanga yoga fundamentals.

I’ve learned that I feel the most affinity to Ashtanga, and I hope to take a guided Ashtanga class in the next couple of weeks to build a regular home practice.  I still don’t know how this will fit with my other exercise.  But I’m working on it.  For now, I’m making sure to do some yoga every day, even if it’s 10 minutes of restorative practice to soothe my back after a day at work.


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In ancient Sparta, women were encouraged to train their bodies and minds as warriors did, in preparation for an adult life of strength and intellect. They strove to win a husband through strength as well as beauty. I try to live my life by this philosophy, that athletic ability and accented beauty can co-exist, yielding a richer whole. View all posts by Kyniska

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