The Unexpected Perks of Fitness

For the last few days, I’ve been going without makeup. This isn’t a big deal, especially for people who’ve known me for a while, because I never used to wear makeup. And part of it is that I’m just feeling too damn lazy to put on makeup. But the other part of it is, well, I feel good.

So it didn’t really surprise me when I saw this article on Blisstree. I mean, yeah, half the time when I put on makeup, it’s to make me feel better about myself. Got a zit? All I really need is a little concealer to cover that bad boy up, but then I go and do up a smoky eye with mascara and then put on some pink gloss. Because, y’know, I want to feel pretty. And I don’t feel pretty when I have a zit.

Or when I’ve been sick. Or when I’m bloated with PMS. Or when, well, when I don’t feel pretty. It used to happen quite a lot. I went from not bothering with makeup because I didn’t feel like I was a “pretty girl” to overdoing the makeup in an attempt to put myself there.

And then, I realized, that lately, I feel awesome about myself. Like, most of the time. I’ve been exercising regularly, eating well. And I’ve maybe lost a little weight. But I don’t really look any different. I notice small differences, like the way my tummy actually lies flat in the mornings and how my eyes don’t look as puffy, but no one else would find these nuances.

The difference is in how I feel.

And that’s the thing about being fit; it’s about feeling awesome. Because when you feel awesome, you will project confidence and beauty. And then you go from feeling awesome to just being awesome.


About Kyniska

In ancient Sparta, women were encouraged to train their bodies and minds as warriors did, in preparation for an adult life of strength and intellect. They strove to win a husband through strength as well as beauty. I try to live my life by this philosophy, that athletic ability and accented beauty can co-exist, yielding a richer whole. View all posts by Kyniska

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