About Kyniska

In ancient history, Kyniska was a Spartan princess who became the first female to win an Olympic event.  Spartan women were known for their athletic ability, so it was fitting that the first female Olympian victor was a Spartan.  I have taken her name to write this blog, as it is this philosophy I wish to espouse, the philosophy of a Spartan princess.

The modern world is full of women who act more like girls, wearing sparkly pink t-shirts that say “Princess” and thinking that this gives them a pass from being strong, capable, modern women.  No.  I will wear sparkles and pink, and I will be a princess, but I will be a princess who kicks butt.  I workout most days of the week, and shall chronicle various ideas I’ve had about working out, and I’ve also begun taking more of an interest in my feminine appearance, learning how to apply makeup and express myself that way as well.

My typical day includes a brief, intense workout, a shower, a hearty breakfast, and a half an hour to decide what to wear, how to do my hair, and how to do my makeup.  It’s about priorities, and my priorities are to move through my day in strength and beauty.


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