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New Shoes!

Sometimes it seems like over 50% of this blog is about my feet. In fact, some of my top incoming search terms have to do with feet and toes, about which I choose not to think too much. But, yeah, I finally got myself some Vibram Five Finger shoes!

I actually got them last week, when my husband found some unaccounted-for cash that we got to split and spend on a frivolous purchase. I realized, hey, I can finally get those weird shoes I’ve been eyeing. My huaraches, while great for walking, tend to give me blisters on the soles of my feet when I run. Plus, I never get the laces just tight enough. I’m wearing my VFFs around during the week and trying them out on a 2-3-mile run Thursday. We’ll see how it goes!

Already, I can feel that they are stretching out my little toes.  I mostly can get into them pretty easily, but my little toes have been squished against the rest of my foot for years and sometimes need extra coaxing.  But they’re actually really comfy.  It’s weird to be able to wear shoes and still wiggle my toes.  And I kept gripping the gas pedal with my toes this morning on my drive in to work because I’m not used to feeling it that much.  This should be fun.  So far, I haven’t gotten any stares/comments.  I wonder if I’ll get any different reactions because I’m a female wearing them?  Most of my friends with VFFs are men.