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Wednesday Touch-up: Morning Manicure

Midway through the week, my polish is rarely what it once was, mostly because I rarely take steps to save my manicure when it means avoiding some fun, if rough, activity.  I work in a lab and I cook all my own food, so life takes its toll.  This week, instead of just removing chipped polish midweek, I decided to give myself a 20-minute manicure:

1.) File and shape dry nails.

2.) Remove polish.

3.) Soak in warm water with a drop of soap for a couple minutes.

4.) Apply a rich cream to nails and cuticles.

5.) Push back cuticles with a cotton-wrapped stick, and clean under nails.

6.) Rub in excess cream.

7.) Dunk back in the water and wipe off excess cream.

8.) Apply a coat of clear nail polish.

There you go.  Eight simple steps to fabulous everyday nails.  Because you never know what life might throw at you, and if you have to fix a laser, you may as well do so with amazing-looking hands.


Pink and Purple

Saturday, I painted my nails.  I used Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polish in Champagne Toast on my fingers, which is a nice, pale, peachy-pinky-shimmer, and Sally Xtreme Wear in Hot Magenta on my toes.  Then, today, I went for my first walk in my Invisible Shoes huaraches and the magenta toes really looked fantastic with my purple-laced huaraches.

Purple huaraches, pink toes

With the weather warming, and my fitness rather shot from the week in Rome and a week recovering from Rome, it’s time for me to start trying to get back into barefoot running.  I had tried last summer, and even ran a 5k race in my huaraches, but I ended up with bottom-of-the-foot bruising and had to rest and go back to shoes for a while.  In the fall, I bought a pair of New Balance WT101’s to get used to a more natural gait over the winter, and my hope is to return to huaraches in the summer and purchase a pair of Vibram Five Fingers for the cooler weather.

Anyway, what could be more awesome than showing off your pedicure while running?